New Handmade Desserts


Have a soft spot for sweet treats? Enjoy the occasional pick me up, or look forward to dessert more than dinner? Let us introduce three Rocket Kitchen 6-inch desserts that are lovingly hand-made in New Zealand. 

Tiramisu Dessert 

A new twist on a favourite, this dessert will be a winner at any dinner party.

It’s a classic with a rich, dark chocolate cake base, a creamy espresso infused topping and finished with cocoa powder, piped chocolate cream and chocolate balls. 

The only problem is you’ll need more than one - everyone will ask for seconds!

Tiramisu Side.JPG Kahlua Dessert

A delectable coffee flavoured sweet treat that is simply irresistible.

It’s a creamy Kahlua and espresso cheesecake with a crunchy hazelnut biscuit, finished with sprinkled cocoa powder and topped with a chocolate decoration. Delicate simplicity!


Chocolate and Passionfruit Dessert

A combination of gooey chocolate and sticky fruity that’s sure to keep everyone guessing.

This treat has a rich dark chocolate mousse, a chocolate almond sponge base, surprise passionfruit jelly, and is finished with swirls of chocolate cream, passionfruit and a light dusting of cocoa. Yum!

Choc Pass Cake 3.JPG

Alongside our other sweet treats, like macarons and eclairs, these 6-inch desserts are perfect for events, platters and catering. They are super convenient too – take out of the fridge and enjoy at room temperature!

If you are keen to either sample or order, please get in touch:

Email: or Call: our customer service team on 09 525 5480.