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Wedding Cake Tips

Wedding cake tips...

The following information is designed to help with your selection of a Rocket Kitchen Wedding Cake. It also covers any requirements we have such as booking notification and gives advice on transportation of the cake and serves.

We have been providing wedding cakes for Auckland brides for over 14 years and highly recommend you read this information carefully.



We offer Wedding and Celebration cakes in 3 gorgeous flavours...

  • Chocolate Whiskey - Dark and delicious infused with Whiskey syrup and coated in a double chocolate ganache. The best chocolate wedding cake in Auckland.

  • La Dolce Vita - A stunning orange cake blanketed in a citrus mascarpone frosting with fine ribbons of fragrant peel.

  • Carrot and Pineapple Cake - A flavorsome cake moist with luscious pineapple and cream cheese icing. A classic.

  • ***Please note we do not change the icings, flavours etc on these cakes with the exception of omitting the alcohol in the Chocolate Whiskey cakes on request. 

Cake decorations...

At Rocket Kitchen our cakes are designed to be simply finished with fresh flowers, ribbon or your own wedding cake topper so you need not sacrifice freshness and flavour for a truly elegant cake. More decorating ideas are featured on our Birthday Cakes page. Please speak to our helpful staff about your requirements.

  • Satin ribbon is available starting at a cost of $4.00 for a 5" cake.

  • Organza ribbon is available in a huge variety of colours starting at a cost of $2.20 for a 5" cake.

  • Message writing is available at a cost of $5.50 per cake. Cakes can fit varying amounts of words.

  • You are welcome to provide your own ribbon, which we can affix for you at no charge. The amount of ribbon required for 7" + 9" + 11" stacked cake is 2.5m. Some ribbons need to be wrapped around twice to intensify their colour so you may require more. Please note we do not require your ribbon if we are not stacking the cake for you.

  • We do not provide fresh flowers but as we are in Ponsonby we are surrounded by some of Aucklands' best florists who are familiar with our cakes.

  • Clear acetate tape is supplied with your cake so that ribbon does not get any "bleed through" from the icing. We recommend you use this under your ribbon if applying it yourself.

Ordering and availability...

At Rocket Kitchen we try to keep the ordering process as simple as possible. You can order completely by either phone or email using your credit card or simply pop in to see us in Ponsonby.

The following is important information in regards to ordering and availability:

  • Please be aware that while we generally only require one weeks notice for Wedding Cakes during peak wedding season (October - March) we require at least one months notice. This is an extremely busy period and we do not want you to be disappointed by full bookings.

  • Standard iced Chocolate Whiskey, La Dolce Vita and Carrot and Pineapple are all available daily.

  • All cakes must be paid for in full at the time you place the order. Without payment the cake is not considered booked or confirmed.

  • Please be aware that our prices include the heavy cake board, height adjustment and specialised ganaching required for a stacked cake. Ordering the separate layers off our main menu to stack yourself is not advised as some cakes are not iced all over, will be differing heights and do not come on the necessary board. If you still wish to do this then please let us know so we can help you avoid disappointment on the day.

Serves and portion sizes...

When deciding on your wedding cake it pays to consider if the cake will form the dessert portion of your meal or are you serving other sweets? Also the style of event: full meal or more of a cocktail party? This will give an indication of the number of serves and also the portion size. Perhaps more important to consider is what you envision the cake to look like as you can always increase serves by having additional "kitchen cakes" - cakes kept aside and used to provide more pieces or variation in flavour.

  • 5" cakes serve 6 dessert portions and 12 wedding portions.

  • 7" cakes serve 8 dessert portions and 20 wedding portions.

  • 9" cakes serve 12-16 dessert portions and 30-40 wedding portions.

  • 11" cakes serve 16-20 dessert portions and 40-50 wedding portions.

  • 10" square cakes serve 20-25 dessert portions and 35-40 wedding portions.

  • 12" square cakes serve 30-35 dessert portions and 45-50 wedding portions.

  • 14" square cakes serve 40-45 dessert portions and 55-60 wedding portions.

    ***Amounts are conservative. Dessert portions are based on "cafe" size slices and wedding portions are based on 3cm x 3cm squares. A hot dry knife, wiped clean between each slice will ensure neat slicing.

Cake care and transportation...

Some cakes are better suited to warmer weather than others but with the right care just about anything is possible. Please make sure you discuss this with our friendly staff to avoid any difficulty on your big day.

  • The dark ganached Chocolate Whiskey Cake is also a great choice for warm weather as it too does not need to be refrigerated. Simply store the cake in the box we provide you with in a cool dry place. If the cake is to be out on display, select an area with no direct sunlight, remembering of course that sun position will change throughout the day. In extreme heat we recommend display for only a short time.

  • La Dolce Vita and Carrot & Pineapple cakes must be kept refrigerated during warm weather. They may be displayed but only for very short periods of time as the fresh cream cheese icing can melt. In extreme heat or if travelling outside of Auckland we do not recommend this cake.

  • We do not deliver any wedding or celebration cakes. They must be collected from our Ponsonby Road store.

  • Cakes should be collected on the day they are to be used if possible. Collection the day before is available but we would not stack the cake for you as they risk "sinking" overnight. Most caterers or venues are happy to do this for you but it does pay to warn them in advance.

  • Car trips longer than one hour are not recommended for stacked cakes, we would advise you to ask your venue or caterer to stack it for you on arrival.

  • Chocolate Whiskey Cakes do not need any special cooling when being transported other than regular air-conditioning. In extreme heat you may want to consider a cooler box.

  • We recommend a cooler box for transporting La Dolce Vita or Carrot and Pineapple Cakes in warm weather and to make sure time in the car is kept to a minimum.

Stacking wedding cakes...

Our wedding cakes are available in 1, 2 or 3 tiers. In some situations we are not able to stack it for you. This is because either the cake is not being used until the next day or the cake must travel for over an hour to reach the venue. Most venues or caterers would be happy to stack the cake for you but it pays to check in advance. Here are a few tips if you find yourself needing to stack our cakes:

  • Rocket Kitchen cakes are stacked directly on top of one another without the use of any stackers, rods or dowels. The only "equipment" you need are a couple of cake slices (or palette knives etc), a jug of hot water and a tea towel for drying.

  • Your largest cake will be presented on a thick cake board but the other layers will need to be separated from their silver discs just before you stack each layer.

  • Rest the cake slices in the jug of hot water to heat up. When they are hot remove them from the water and quickly dry them. Working quickly but carefully you need to slide the slices between the cake and the silver disc it sits on. There will be another smaller board under the cake but it is best to keep this with your cake as it helps with later slicing.

  • It is best to have a slice on each side of the cake so you can lift it steadily. Then simply lift the cake off the silver disc (someone else is useful here in case it sticks a little) then place the cake on top of the larger cake. Some people like to place it directly in the centre and others like to place it towards one side. Gently slide out one slice before it is all the way touching the cake, then remove the other.

  • If there are any bumps or you mark the icing, simply heat up the cake slice again, dry and gently smooth the icing back over.

If you have any further questions please call on 09 360 8834 or email us at


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